The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Review/Recap: The Trial of The Flash

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The Flash's mid-season finale was shocking mainly because Barry Allen was framed for the murder of Clifford DeVoe. In this week's episode, Barry Allen has to go to court to see if he is guilty or not.

Barry Allen is too noble in this episode mainly because he loves to play by the rules.

He doesn't want to run away and escape to another country, and nor does he want to tell Central City that he's The Flash.

Even Cecile who is a district attorney urges Barry to tell the truth, but he wants to be trialed like a normal human being.

He doesn't want people to know his real identity or else he feels villains will target his real life friends and family.

This episode mostly takes place inside the court room and things aren't going in Barry's favor. His DNA was found on the knife that killed Clifford DeVoe plus Barry was seen breaking into his house a few weeks ago too.

The person playing the prosecuting lawyer in this week's episode was really good. If I was sitting in the jury, I would have felt Barry was guilty of the crime too.

Clifford's wife Marlize (Danielle Nicolet) was also very convincing in today's episode. She managed to cry and act as if her husband really did pass away.

As we all know though, Clifford is still alive but he's now inside the body of Dominic Lanse. It will take some time for me to get used to the body of Dominic Lanse being the face of The Thinker.

This is because the actor that plays him (Kendrick Sampson) looks a little too young in order to be a compelling villain.

Even Marlize herself is not truly in love with the new body even though he's still Clifford Devoe inside.

Joe West and Ralph Dibny try their best to find some more dirt on Marlize to clear Barry's name. The only thing that they manage to do is photograph Marlize kissing Dominic.

Cecile uses the photographs as evidence that Dominic killed Clifford so that he can have Marlize to himself.

The judge isn't truly convinced, but it's the only thing Barry wants to do because he's too stubborn to reveal himself as The Flash.

Joe West gets desperate and comes up with a plan to plant evidence framing Marlize as the murderer. However, Ralph makes him feel guilty about it so he abandons that plan.

Knowing that Barry will be locked up in prison forever, Iris wants to blurt out that Barry is The Flash so he can clear his name.

Barry however does a new technique where he and Iris can talk really fast without anyone knowing.

While they are talking, Barry again says to Iris that he does not want his secret identity to be revealed. They just have to find another way to clear him of this crime.

As Barry is about to be sentenced, he gets an emergency call about this week's side story. The side story just involves a radioactive metahuman going by the name of Fallout.

Barry gets permission to leave the court house to deal with Fallout along with Killer Frost and Cisco. The trio manage to subdue Fallout as Cisco transports the nuclear material into another barren Earth.

There wasn't really a big point to this week's side story other than to make The Flash appear for a few minutes.

Fallout just seemed like a distraction that wasn't really needed because the court house scenes are where the real story is happening.

Anyway, after all of their efforts Barry Allen goes back to the court house and he's found guilty of first degree murder of Clifford DeVoe.

Barry Allen is going to have a life sentence in prison meaning he will suffer the same fate as his father.

Before he goes to prison, Barry Allen has a chance to talk with the real Clifford DeVoe inside of Dominic's body. Not much is said during their conversation, but DeVoe feels he won.

The episode ends in a funny way with Barry Allen being sentenced to life in prison, yet on the other side of the city Commissioner David Singh is congratulating the efforts of The Flash saving the city from the radioactive Fallout.

The conclusion of this episode is depressing although he's stuck in the same prison cell as his father was.

Barry Allen could easily escape prison if he wanted to, but he still refuses to show off his powers to the world.

This week's episode was kind of weird to me in my opinion.

I understand Barry not wanting to reveal his secret identity, but on the other hand he can clear his name if he's The Flash and told everyone the truth.

In the MCU, most of those characters have their real identity revealed already and it's not really a big concern for them. Tony Stark is famous and everyone knows he's Iron Man.

That said, it does make me want to watch the rest of the season to see how it ends.

I'm pretty sure Barry Allen cannot be stuck in prison for too long because the show will be boring without The Flash or Kid Flash!

I also did not like Barry's new power of running really fast and having a conversation with Iris.

Sometimes the show makes him run really slow and he struggles to catch bad guys, but in other times he moves so fast that time stands still.

It's just a minor gripe, but I hope the writers make his powers more consistent each week. It seems as if they often alter his abilities just to keep the narrative going instead of having set rules for his powers.

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