Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Review/Recap: The Wrath of Toppo

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Episode 124 of Dragon Ball Super was disappointing for many fans because Gohan got eliminated from the Tournament of Power earlier than expected. With Gohan's exit, it is now Goku, Vegeta, Android 17 and Frieza vs Jiren and Toppo.

Episode 125 of Dragon Ball Super starts in explosive fashion as Jiren is still fighting against the feisty pair of Goku and Vegeta. Goku is using Kaio-ken mixed with Super Saiyan Blue while Vegeta is fighting in his new form.

Sadly, there's still no official name for the upgraded form, so I'm just going to call it New Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta for now.

I think the new form looks cool and it's better than just Vegeta copying Goku's Ultra Instinct form.

While that fight is still ongoing, Android 17 is using his infinite energy against Toppo. Android 17 reminds me of an online fighting game player that spams the same move and over and over again.

In this case, Android 17 is hoping to run the clock down so he is shooting out Ki blasts at a fast rate.

Thanks to his Android enhancements, Android 17 cannot run out of energy so Toppo cannot do much other than to block.

However, Toppo sees an opening to Android 17's offense and goes for the counterattack. Toppo shoots out a big blast of his own that nearly pushes Android 17 out of the ring.

Thankfully for Universe 7, Golden Frieza arrives to give Android 17 a helping hand. I do find it interesting that Frieza has mostly been helpful to Universe 7 so far.

At the moment, Frieza has not back stabbed the team yet which is very surprising. That said, that does not mean he's turned into a good guy because he's still evil to the core.

Frieza starts shooting Toppo from behind while at the same time Toppo has to try and block a big Ki blast coming from Android 17.

In other words, Toppo is getting attacked from both sides and there's not much else he can do.

Frieza decides to "end" the tug of war and weakens Toppo with a powerful Ki blast. This in turns makes Toppo lose his footing and Android 17's blast pushes him close to the edge of the ring.

Krillin thinks Toppo has been eliminated, but Whis knows he's still in because his body has not been transported to the spectator stands.

It turns out Whis is right because Toppo is still in the tournament, although now he's getting angry.

At this point of the episode, I was actually rooting for Toppo to win.

Frieza was acting too cocky and arrogant at this point that I was hoping he'd get out already.

Anyway, in one of the best scenes of this entire episode we get to see Toppo transform into a new form.

It appears he can become a God of Destruction and this is not looking good for Frieza and Android 17.

Toppo has gotten bigger and has a purple aura all around his body. Frieza is still acting confident laughing that a God of Destruction is as powerful as his Golden form.

Toppo hates the way Frieza is acting and shoots out a destructive purple death ball at Frieza. Frieza feels he can deflect the ball away, but he's wrong and the death ball hits him.

Not only does the ball hit him, but the entire ring breaks up into little pieces. The fighters now have to stand on little chunks that are floating around like asteroids in space.

We still don't know what happened to Frieza as he's gone missing. He's not dead because Toppo would have been disqualified, yet he's not out either because Frieza is not in the spectator seats.

Poor old Android 17 has to face Toppo himself, but things aren't getting easier for him. This new God of Destruction Toppo is really powerful because he can break through 17's force field and withstand any attack.

Just when it looks like Android 17 might be eliminated, Frieza returns from out of nowhere although he's weakened and back to his base form. However, Frieza pretty much gets his butt kicked by Toppo in easy fashion.

I was hoping Frieza got eliminated, but instead he's knocked out lying on the floor.

The episode ends with Android 17 having to face Toppo all by himself! I don't think Android 17 has a good chance winning over a God of Destruction.

This episode was pretty average in the beginning mainly because Toppo wasn't doing anything. It wasn't until the second half of the episode did I get more interested thanks to his turn as a God of Destruction.

I'm kind of disappointed Frieza is still in it, although it might be unpredictable if he ends up winning the whole thing instead of Goku. Anyway, join us next week for another review/recap as Toppo's destruction continues.

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