The Flash's Tom Felton Will Not Be Returning As A Series Regular In Season 4

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This past weekend was San Diego Comic-Con and with that came a lot of new information about many things movies and television, with the CW's slate of shows being included of course.

The Flash had its own panel and trailer revealed, but one question was left unanswered, whether Tom Felton's Julian Alpert would be returning for the upcoming fourth season.

Sadly, he will not be returning, at least not in a series regular level.

Felton joined The Flash during its third season as a CSI investigator in the Central City Police Department after the events of Flashpoint, with him clashing early on with Barry Allen. However, later on it is revealed that he is actually Doctor Alchemy under the control of Savitar.

After they manage to free him, he ends up joining Team Flash for the rest of the season, including starting up a romance with Caitlin Snow.

In fact, his removal of her power dampening device when she was dying is what brought Killer Frost back.

When the trailer for the upcoming fourth season was shown, Julian was no where to be found, though we thought maybe he just wasn't in the premiere.

However, TVLine has confirmed that Felton will not be a series regular for season four.

They also said that he is not currently signed on in a guest starring or recurring role, but that could easily change depending on story and availability.

Felton will very likely be working on other projects, so having him appear may not be as easy.

This is a little bit different from Supergirl's Floriana Lima, who asked to be reduced from a series regular in the upcoming third season to a recurring role so that she could take on other projects as well.

With the new trailer showing Caitlin seemingly in control again, it is a little disappointing to see Julian gone with them having had a bit of a romance, but the whole Killer Frost thing may have put that one on ice.

Look for The Flash to return with its fourth season premiere on Tuesday, October 10.

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