'Too Close To Home' Season 2 Spoilers: What Happens This Season?

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Tyler Perry's unexpected hit Too Close to Home is returning to TLC tonight for another season.

This season is bound to have some serious drama, as the Heather Locklear returns to the show as the President's wife, and many family secrets get exposed.

So what really happens this season? Read on... (Spoilers ahead)

You probably remember that the first season of Too Close to Home ended with a drive-by shooting, in which someone appears to die. If you don't we have recaps of every episode of Season 1 below.

Too Close to Home Season 2 Spoilers

Well, Bonnie, Shelby, and Anna all live, as do Brody and JB. And the sisters' mother also lives.

And Dax and his boyfriend Victor do as well. It's not clear if anyone dies, or if anyone's even hurt, but all of the main characters appear to have survived through last season's cliffhanger.

There are several new characters, including Nelson, Regina, and Frankie -- all of whom are black.

It looks like Tyler Perry is listening to the viewers and adding some diversity to the trailer park. Unfortunately, for some reason, Perry still seems to be uncomfortable with featuring an interracial couple.

The president's wife returns to the show in Season 2 to get her revenge on Anna; it's unclear how she intends to do that.

Several of the major themes also return for this season.

For example, the love triangle between Brody, Anna, and Bonnie only gets deeper, as the sisters struggle to understand their feelings. There is also a new love triangle on the show, centered around Regina.

Brody's troubles continue as well. In the last season, he was being pursued by drug dealers for losing a truck filled with heroin.

He tried to come up with the money to pay them back, but wasn't able to.

At some point in Season 1, the police get involved, and it appears in Season 2, JB gets arrested, although he seems to be able to get out.

There's also new drama with Dax and Victor, as their relationship struggles to get back on track after the events of last season.

What else will we see in Season 2 of Too Close to Home? Someone is pregnant. Is it Bonnie? Is Brody the father? Or is it Shelby? Or Anna's daughter? What else is going to happen? Tweet us.

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