Finn Jones Blames Donald Trump For Lackluster Reception For Iron Fist

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The Netflix show Iron Fist has not been received well ever since it was first announced.

Critics have reviewed it and don't like it while a sizeable number of people have criticized its casting of Finn Jones. Jones is now blaming Donald Trump for the show's lackluster reception so far.

During an interview with Radio Times, Jones says the rise of Trump in America has negatively impacted the show's perception with the public.

He says he's playing a white American billionaire superhero during a period of time that white rich guys aren't liked by the public. You can see his comments below.

I think the world has changed a lot since we were filming that television show," he said. "I'm playing a white American billionaire superhero, at a time when the white American billionaire archetype is public enemy number one, especially in the US.

He goes on to say that in this day and age, it's hard for the public to root for a guy that comes from white privilege. This has been further emphasized once Trump became President in his mind.

He then says that people should watch the entire show before making up their minds. He wants viewers of the show to see Danny Rand's full journey before they decide to give up on it.

People still seem to like Batman and Iron Man and they are white billionaire superheroes.

In either case, Iron Fist is still a show that has had the most critical backlash ever since it was first revealed.

We never saw this type of drama when the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were all released.

It will be interesting to see what Marvel does for the property going forward.

Iron Fist will next team up with the other Netflix heroes in The Defenders. After that, who knows what will become of the show or even the character of Iron Fist.

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