WWE Raw Continues To Struggle With TV Ratings

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Even though fans have been allowed back to watch wrestling in arenas around the United States, it looks like the TV audience isn't as enthusiastic with the current WWE product. The TV ratings continue to be lower than usual.

With the build-up to Crown Jewel, WrestlingInc reports that the viewership wasn't as high as it could have been leading up to the mega PPV. WWE Raw only drew an average of 1.593 million viewers this week.

The first hour drew 1.577 million viewers, the 2nd gained 1.624 million viewers, and the third hour received 1.577 million viewers. Though viewership was low, it was a slight increase from last week's numbers.

Total viewership was okay, but the key demographic is where the low rating number occurs. Only 510,000 18-49 viewers watch this week's Raw show. Giving this show a rating of only 0.39.

In terms of the key demographic, this is the lowest rating in history. USA Network is probably not going to be happy about this, although the show did have to compete with Monday Night Football.

With Crown Jewel happening this Thursday, it will be interesting to see if the fallout from that PPV will see a slight increase in ratings for Raw and Smackdown next week.

WWE is also advertising the appearance of Roman Reigns next month on Raw to try and combat low ticket sales. As of this moment, Roman Reigns is still the biggest draw in WWE currently.

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