'90 Day Fiance' Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: Are Nicole and Azan the Biggest Trainwreck this Season?

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Tonight was the second episode of 90 Day Fiance season 5 and on this episode, we got to see Nicole and Mae take off for Morocco. Read on to find out what happened with the other couples. Nio

90 Day Fiance Season 5: Nicole and Azan

Nicole wants to see if Azan will be a good father to Mae. She also happens to mention that Azan hasn't been as lovey-dovey as he used to be and so she's feeling the burden of having a long-distance relationship. Nicole's mom warns Nicole about how Azan treated her on her last trip.

Nicole's mom also reminds her about Azan's desire for Nicole to lose weight.

Apparently, Nicole promised Azan that she would lose weight but failed to make her pledge. At the airport, Nicole's mom starts to bawl at the idea of Mae leaving with Nicole for Morocco.

Nicole arrives in Morocco and is excited to see Azan but somehow winds up having Mae call Azan "daddy" right away. Azan seems to take a liking to Mae but does acknowledge the difficulty of being a father.

90 Day Fiance Season 5: Evelyn and David

Evelyn is 18 and feels she's very close to her family. She even sings in a band with her family. Evelyn says that David reached out to her via social media and somehow the relationship took off.

Evelyn's family was shocked when she decided to get a ticket to meet David in Spain. Evelyn fell in love with Davihas been d almost immediately.

She notes that they got engaged and now they're waiting for David to get his K1 visa.

When David visits Evelyn he's planning to stay with Pastor Tim since both David and Evelyn are virgins and don't believe in sex before marriage.

Evelyn says that her family is supportive of her relationship but they do worry about whether Evelyn will wind up putting her music career on the back burner once David arrives.

Later, Evelyn heads out to meet up with her friend Mikayla, who doesn't approve of her relationship with David. Mikayala wonders how Evelyn is planning on support herself, to which Evelyn's response is "God will provide for us."

Evelyn still has to go through the process of finding out if David's K1 visa has been approved. Although the suspense is hard to take, David's visa does get approved.

90 Day Fiance Season 5: Molly and Luis

Molly is having trouble getting her daughter, Olivia to accept the relationship. Molly's mother has been vigilant about what Molly's really plans are with Luis.

Molly meets with her mother to try to get some support of her relationship.

Molly's mother is somewhat accepting but Molly's father believes that "people need to stay where they're from." Molly's mother calls her father "a bigot in sheep's clothing."

Later, Molly goes out to eat with her father, whom she calls a "Southern man who's set in his ways." Molly's father asks Molly what the sleeping arrangements are going to be when Luis comes over to see her.

Next, Molly's father asks what Luis's intentions are since he may be trying to scheme to get legal entry into the US. Molly feels she has 90 days to try to change her father's mind.

90 Day Fiance Season 5: Annie and David

David talks about the stress of financing a wedding with his Thai fiance. Gold is a major part of the engagement since it reflects the man's ability to support his family. David must purchase 11 baht worth of gold (approximately $7000). David tries to convince Annie that they should start out by purchasing only a little gold for now, since he can't afford it.

In fact, David winds up having to give a deposit with a promise to pay the rest the next day at the gold shop. Later, in the longtail boat ride, Annie is upset and asks David why he doesn't have money.

Annie is clearly mistaken in believing that David has money.

David has to explain that he lost a lot of money in his divorce. Annie is worried that David won't be able to take care of her and threatens to break up with him if he can't provide.

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