Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Review/Recap: Androids vs. Universe 2 Fighters

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After focusing on Goku a lot, Dragon Ball Super episode 117 gives us something different. It's mainly Android 17 and Android 18 taking on the two fighters from Universe 2.

As you may have seen last week, Goku is weak since he used all of his stamina on the Ultra Instinct form.

Due to this, Universe 7 needs to help him out since he is their best chance of winning the Tournament of Power.

Things aren't going to be easy though because Gohan and Piccolo cannot help him out.

This is because they still have to fight the two Namekians from Universe 6. They are the last two remaining fighters from Universe 6 so Champa really needs them to win.

Meanwhile, Vegeta wants to copy Goku as he feels he can transform to the Ultra Instinct form as well. However, Vegeta has to contend with Universe 3's Katopelsa and he is proving not to be a pushover.

It seems as if Vegeta was baiting Katopelsa. Vegeta gets impatient and starts pounding on Katopelsa. Due to his impatient attitude, it's safe to say Vegeta might not ever be as strong as Goku.

There is a nice moment after this where Android 17 helps out Android 18 with her hurt ankle. Android 17 bandages it up and Android 18 is happy to fight on. She wishes nothing but to protect Krillin and Marron from any future dangers.

The Androids have to hurry because Ribrianne, Rozie and other Universe 2 fighters have surrounded Goku in hopes of getting rid of him once and for all.

Now is the best time to attack him since he's still recovering from his epic fight with Kefla.

Before both Ribrianne and Rozie can attack Goku, he is saved by Android 17 and Android 18. Rozie wants to take on Android 17 to get revenge for her teammate while Android 18 has to battle Ribrianne.

A funny exchange happens between Ribrianne and Android 18 that I loved.

Ribrianne thinks Krillin is ugly because he's bald and has no nose. The fight continues, although 18 is in a bit of a disadvantage because her ankle has yet to fully heal.

The fight increases as Android 17 and Android 18 devise a plan to eliminate Rozie. They make Ribrianne blast at her own teammate while Android 17 pushes Rozie out of the ring. One down, one more to go!

During the scuffle, Ribrianne is weakened by the Androids' attacks and she turns back into her base form. That said; she's far from hitting rock bottom because she has one more ace up her sleeve.

Ribrianne traps Android 18 and then transforms into something bigger. Ribrianne grows into a giant that pretty much fills up the entire arena. Android 18 feels all hope is lost until she reminds herself the importance of her family.

In order for Krillin and Marron and still have a happy life, Android 18 needs to break free. Thankfully, Krillin's shouting from the outside gives 18 enough encouragement and willpower to free herself from Ribrianne's vines.

With some assistance from Android 17, Android 18 manages to punch through Ribrianne's big form and she eliminates her out of the ring. Fans don't have to worry about seeing Ribrianne ever again.

Universe 2 is now down to its last three fighters. My guess is that they are the next universe to be erased from existence.

I don't feel as if they are going to last any longer as their remaining fighters look weak.

Dragon Ball Super episode 117 was okay mainly because Ribrianne is gone for good.

It was also cool to see the Androids get some action since the last few episodes focused heavily on only Goku.

I do hope that Vegeta is able to do a lot more in the series in future episodes. He's pretty much just been in the background for the last few episodes not doing much.

Anyway, next week the Tournament of Power continues as Universe 7 has to fight the remaining fighters from both Universe 3 and Universe 6. A feeling tells me that one of those universes is going to be erased very soon...

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