Watch The Best Videos From Bill Simmons' 'Any Given Wednesday' HBO Premiere

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It sure looks like Bill Simmons is carving a path all his own away from ESPN and all of the speculation surrounding his ousting.

HBO premiered his new show Any Given Wednesday, which got off to a big running start with guests Ben Affleck and Charles Barkley. Below we have the best pieces from the show.

On the Any Given Wednesday premiere fans got to see who the angriest individual is when it comes to the deflategate. A seemingly buzzed Ben Affleck was fired up when speaking on the deflategate as the Boston native shared how stupid he thought the entire scandal was.

"Do you realize they gave him a suspension for a quarter of the regular season which would be the equivalent of suspending a baseball player for 40 f**king days 40 and a quarter days to be exact," said Affleck.

Affleck went on to say that if the NFL really knew how to test for steroids they would be no NFL. He continued to say what they did was suspend Tom Brady for not handing over his cell phone.

There seemed to be a little hate towards Eli Manning as well as he compared the way different players like to have a football.

It was super surprising how passionate Affleck was as he thought the entire thing was a conspiracy.

Watch Ben Affleck's Drunken Deflatgate Rant

During the show, Charles Barkley also revealed who his top five NBA players of all time are and Lebron was not on the list.

The list went as follows, Michael Jordan at number one, Oscar Robertson at number two, Bill Russel at three, Kareem Abdul Jabbar at four, Wilt Chamberlain at five and he continued to name Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan before naming Lebron James who he put in the category with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Jerry West.

Simmons argued that no one has had a 13-year run like James, who recently won the 2015-2016 NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He also argued that Dwayne Wade was not at his apex when James made the move to Miami during the back-to-back championship run.

Watch Charles Barkley Name His Top Five NBA Players of All Time

Simmons later went on to deliver a tribute to James, who he said delivered on his promise.

He said that James reclaimed his title as the NBA's best player after "we" tossed him aside for Stephen Curry. Simmons made an argument that James is on track to become the GOAT.

Watch Bill Simmons' Argument for Lebron James Being On Track To Become The GOAT

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