New 2021 Lego Ideas Sets Being Considered

The Lego Group has now announced the next wave of 25 Lego Ideas sets that are being considered to be made for real. Many of the sets announced today have had over 10,000 votes.

The votes for the Lego sets were taken in September 2020 and lasted until January 4th, 2021. The next review period lasts until May 3rd, 2021.

Usually Lego chooses one or three sets that will be made in real life. Hopefully Lego does not choose the most boring options like they have done in the past few times.

Lego posted the 25 sets that are eligible via its official blog website. You can see the list posted down below.

  • 1. Boeing 737 Passenger Plane by BigPlanes-Customs
  • 2. Colosseum (Architecture Style) by SkyWalter
  • 3. Gravity Falls: The Mystery Shack by TopLego8 & Minibrick Productions
  • 4. Brick Town Police Station by Bricked1980
  • 5. Bag End by saabfan
  • 6. Red Dwarf Starbug LEGO Idea by Bobs Vintage Bricks
  • 7. Avatar: The Last Airbender - YIP YIP! by StudioTRico
  • 8. Classic Castle by DERBOOR
  • 9. Open MRI by Apollo Exconde
  • 10. Motorized Lighthouse by Roses Must Build
  • 11. Avatar: The Illuminated World of Pandora by bulldoozer
  • 12. Spirited Away by legotruman
  • 13. Jumanji of 1995 by NIKANA
  • 14 The Little Venice by Bricky_Brick
  • 15. Auto Union Type C Racecar by redera00
  • 16. Automated Garbage Truck by MochiMaster & Alexander Hamsterton
  • 17. TX Master Games by TXMaster
  • 18. Milwaukee Art Museum by Vida András
  • 19. The Car Wash by Bricky_Brick
  • 20. Wallace & Gromit by Tom Gerardin
  • 21. Among Us: The Skeld by MinifigInDisguise
  • 22. Roman Warship by Iyan Ha
  • 23. The Addams Family Mystery Mansion by Disneybrick55
  • 24. GMC - Blue Chip 100 [1957] by Ing-Manuel
  • 25. Viking Village by BrickHammer

Out of the sets listed, I hope Avatar: The Last Airbender and James Cameron's Avatar pull through. The Police Station and Colosseum should be eliminated immediately as Lego already has sets of them out in the market. 

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