'90 Day Fiance' Season 5: Why Does Anfisa Love to Go Off Camera?

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If you've been keeping up with the latest season of "90 Day Fiance," then you know that the most recent episodes of the show have been possibly the most drama fueled yet. On this week's episode, the conflict between Anfisa and Jorge only escalated with Jorge complaining that Anfisa is actually capable of physically hurting him when she hits him and Anfisa demonstrating what happens when she does lose her temper.

We also saw Anfisa going off mic yet again, during a moment of extreme anger.

But why does Anfisa go off mic so much when everything else she says and does on the show is just as implicating? What exactly happens on "90 Day Fiance" when Anfisa goes off camera?

In the first season documenting their relationship, we saw Anfisa going off camera a couple of times. First, she and Jorge had a huge fight and went off camera when he came home.

Then, there was a scene in which the two went off camera when the drove off from their building's parking lot.

In this season, we've already seen Anfisa and Jorge go off camera when they kiss and make up after a fight but also when tensions grow high and things get physical between them.

So, which is it? Does Anfisa go off camera when she really wants to kick Jorge's butt and give him a piece of her mind or when she wants to have a deeper discussion with him about their relationship and what they can do to make up? Could Anfisa be that troubled by how she looks on camera given that she's told Jorge point blank several times on the show that she's only with him for his money? It's not really clear at this time, but given that Anfisa's relationship with Jorge is already headed toward some level of separation, it looks like she really doesn't have that much interest in staying with him.

Stay tuned for our upcoming recap of the "90 Day Fiance" episode airing on July 23rd!

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