Beyonce Does The 'Shmoney Dance': Bobby Shmurda Has A Cold

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The newest member of the "Shmoney Dance" Vine craze is none other than Beyonce, meanwhile Bobby Shmurda, the dances' originator is suffering for "a nasty cold."

The Vine features a clip of Beyonce during a performance but the background music is Shmurda's "Hot Nigga." The Vines that have added to Shmurda's fame have rolled in week by week as just after the 2014 MTV VMA's Taylor Swift fell victim to being a member of the "Shmoney Dance" Vine videos.

Shmurda however, is facing a nasty cold as he reveals in a video on Instagram. He asks fans what they suggest as a remedy for the cold while blaming his entourage for being the cause.

Shmurda says that he got sick because his crew had the air conditioning at 60 degrees. The post prior to the cold video was a photo of Shmurda and Future which hints that a new track migth be in the works.

Check out Beyonce's "Shmoney Dance" below.