'Unexpected' TLC Episode 5 Recap: James Has No Idea What Circumcision Is...

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Tonight was episode 5 of Unexpected on TLC. Here's the recap:

McKayla and Caelan

Shannon (McKayla's mom) just had her baby, and she's home. McKayla is getting ready to go to the hospital.

McKayla has decided that he mom will be in the delivery room, with her grandmother and Caelan. Caelan's mom won't be invited, which is likely to start some trouble.

There is an argument about whether Shelly (Caelan's mom) will be in the hospital at all, and Shannon doesn't want her to be. McKayla is trying to deal with everyone, but it's getting complicated for her.

McKayla is getting closely spaced contractions. Her grandmother tells her to massage her nipples, and that makes everyone uncomfortable. Eventually, she decides to go to the hospital.

On her way to the hospital, McKayla is texting. She's trying to manage who will be allowed in the delivery room.

Several hours after McKayla is admitted, Caelan and Shelly arrive, since Caelan couldn't leave work. McKayla keeps farting and peeing, and everyone starts laughing.

Lexus and Shayden

Lexus is getting a day off from the baby, and she is hanging out her friends. Things have broken down between Lexus and Shayden after the pacifier argument.

And since then, he's been threatening to take the baby away. But he has apologized and now he's trying to make things a bit better.

Kelsey is mad that Lexus let Shayden remain in the house, even after the fight. She lectures Lexus, which ends up in a fight.

Lilly and James

Lilly is happy because James gave her the "non-engagement" ring. She and James are at a pool party, and things are going well.

Later, James is with his family at dinner.

James and one of his sisters are having children. James has no idea about anything related to pregnancy -- he asks "what is a contraction?" And "what is an epidural?" Then, his family explains to him what circumcision is...

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