The Book of Boba Fett Review:"Chapter 7: In The Name of Honor"

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The Book of Boba Fett has been a mixed series so far, but I'm glad things finished on a very high note. This is because the finale was full of exciting action and mayhem.

The Boba Fett character himself didn't do much fighting in the previous episodes, but in the finale, he's the badass he's always been. He and Mando used their jetpacks and shot a lot of the Pyke soldiers.

The finale also gave some spotlight to the Cyberpunk kids as well as the citizens of Freetown. They all helped to protect Mos Espa from all of the Pykes that wanted to take over the planet.

The action was wild because it wasn't just a shootout that occurred. The Pykes also brought together two Scorpenek Droids. These droids are similar to Episode 1's Droidekas because they had impenetrable shields.

Many good guys had to fall back, but Boba Fett saved the day by riding on top of his pet Rancor.

The Rancor was strong enough to break through the shield and Mando destroyed one of them with his trusty Darksaber.

One thing that might disappoint some people is that some special cameos never appeared. We did not get to see other bounty hunters join Boba Fett and a young Han Solo didn't show up either.

However, I thought this finale was awesome because of the explosive action. Boba Fett also got revenge on Cad Bane by killing him with his Gaffi stick. A nice conclusion for those sad to see Cobb Vanth get shot down.

The episode also saw the return of Grogu and it looks like he's staying with The Mandalorian. He no longer wants to train with Luke Skywalker as a Jedi so he wore Mando's chain mail underneath.

Fennec Shand didn't get to participate in all of the fun, but she killed the main Pyke Syndicate members when the rest of the good guys won the fight.

Again, this episode was awesome to watch because of all of the explosive and exciting action.

Whether or not the series continues remains to be seen. Peace is restored and Boba Fett is seen as a savior. As for The Mandalorian, he's with Grogu and is flying off-world.

In the post-credits scene, Cobb Vanth is seen inside a Bacta tank getting healed by one of the Cyberpunk surgeons. So it looks like Cobb Vanth isn't dead after all!

Anyway, The Book of Boba Fett may not have been as good as The Mandalorian, but I'm glad they went all-out for the explosive finale.

Boba Fett riding on the Rancor may have been the best part of the series so far!

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