'The Spouse House' TLC Episode 2 Recap: Who Gets Kicked Out?

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Tonight's episode of The Spouse House begins with the engagement ceremony from last time. We will find out if anyone received an engagement...

Brianne thinks she's going to get a proposal, but Missy jumps in and tells Chris that she wants in on him. The two women argue over him. Chris decides to hold off on a proposal.

There are no proposals, so one guy and one woman get kicked out. The women choose to get rid of Jonathan. The guys unanimously decide to get rid of Ashley P.

Brianne and Chris talk about what happened today. Brianne explains that guys often back off with her. She tells Chris she doesn't want to fight over a guy, and she's not happy about not knowing where he stands with her.

Missy is trying to capture Chris, Danny, and Jimmy. Danny is still into Naya however. And Jimmy thinks Missy is too bossy. Chris tells Missy that she's old, and he wants kids, but she says she's ready to get pregnant.

Kelli Jo is still into Tom. But Ashley Lauren is also into Tom. Tom says Ashley is "great on paper" and still thinks the two would be a power couple. Kelli Jo has already decided she wants to marry Tom.

The producers add two new singles into the house. Sandra, a yoga instructor. And Jake, a salesman who looks like he's 15.

Albert starts getting in on Ashley. They both are "entrepreneurs" and talk about how important they are, but Albert isn't sure whether Tom is already too involved.

Jake and Naya hop on a bed in a private room -- and Danny gets really jealous. He's really upset and angry, and he wants to leave the house.

Danny talks to Jimmy about it, and that makes Naya upset. She wants a guy who is assertive.

Kelli Jo is starting to get tired of competing with Ashley Lauren. She sees Ashley kissing Tom, and she gets angry. She confronts Tom.

Jimmy tries to get Kelli Jo into him. And they seem to get along, but Tom decides to go and talk to her.

He dumps her to try to get somewhere with Ashley. This is the second time Tom dumped Kelli Jo. She cries and feels terrible.

Tom tells Ashley he chose her because they're looking to change the world (he's a salesman). And they start making out.

Later, Naya talks to Danny, and tells him that she needs him to take control.

Separately, Chris tells Brianne that he doesn't like that she is so obsessed with him -- but he can't commit to Brianne yet. Tom interrupts and tells him he needs to make a decision. Brianne isn't happy.

At the engagement ceremony, Danny tells Naya that he really likes her and wants to be a father to her child. She says she wants more time before deciding.

Tom says he wants Ashley, but Albert also wants her. Albert decides to propose...we'll find out whether she says yes next time.

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