Lorde Stands Up For Reddit's Victoria Taylor

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When she isn't busy making hits or curating huge soundtracks for blockbuster hits, Lorde is standing up for Redditors.

That's right, Lorde posted a tweet calling for the reinstatement of Victoria Taylor and used a GIF to get the point across.

Lorde's post read, "idc who calls the shots at reddit, they should've known rule #1 in their pr handbook was always VICTORIA STAYS," followed by a GIF below it with an excerpt from "Pretty Woman." The irony in using a GIF is that it's one of Reddit's most popular modes of sparking discussion.

Countless GIF's and Meme's can be found on the viral site, however, Lorde is sticking up for Victoria Taylor, not the right to use GIFs.

"It's actually not surprising celebrities are upset about Taylor's departure; for a long time she was both synonymous with the Ask Me Anything section, and was the interface between high-profile guests and Reddit's massive community," according to The Verge.

"Lorde participated in her own AMA back in 2013, joining a huge list of participants including, famously, President Obama.

Reddit still hasn't given a reason for Taylor's severance, but has been in full damage control mode since the site discovered the change last week."

Last week Taylor posted a tweet thanking her fans and followers for their well wishes and support during the entire ordeal.

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