'Attack on Titan' Season 2 Episode 33 Recap and Review: The Hunters

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Today, the eighth episode of Attack on Titan season 2 aired (episode 33 in total). Here's our recap and review:

Attack on Titan: Episode 33

This episode begins with the fight between Reiner and Eren, both as Titans. While they're fighting, Bertholdt (the Colossal Titan) comes crashing to the ground. He falls, creating a duststorm, which sends the warriors flying.

Eren and Ymir get taken away by the Colossal Titan and Reiner (the Armored Titan).

Back at the wall in the Trost District, the Titans are arriving.

Commander Pyxis surpmises that the team would have returned from the wall by now, if they had found a hole. He is informed that there was nothing wrong with the wall, and that Bertholdt and Reiner are titans.

Back at the castle, all of the warriors are tired and weak. Mikasa and Armin are dejected by the situation.

We flash back to when Mikasa and Eren were younger. Eren is getting tormented by bullies, who stole his family's food. Mikasa runs to his rescue. Meanwhile, there are plenty of drunk soldiers around who don't want to help.

Mikasa arrives and jump-kicks the bullies. They get back up, and a big fight breaks out, which turns into a brawl. Eren runs after the bullies, as they try to escape. But Mikasa cannot.

Returning to the present time, Mikasa looks over the walls trying to figure out how to go after Eren.

But Armin tells her she needs to wait, as Hange and the rest of the unit are injured and weak. Mikasa worries that Eren has been gone too long, and it may be to late to get him back.

Erwin returns and deploys the lifts so the horses can get to the forest. Hange and the team come up with a plan: the titans are likely to be tired and low on stamina.

They can follow the footsteps and try to find where they are resting. They sent of to reach the forest before nightfall.

We see a short scene of Eren missing his arms, Ymir, and Reiner and Bertholdt before the episode ends.

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