First X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Gets Leaked Online

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Fans have been kept in the dark for several months since 20th Century Fox has not really shared any footage of X-Men: Dark Phoenix thus far.

Now we have some new footage from the movie, as a trailer from Russia has been leaked online.

As posted on Reddit, the leaked trailer comes from a Russian Fox presentation that happened recently.

The footage is shaky and is in the Russian language, although it's real and features our first look at many of the characters in the movie.

As expected, the film will heavily focus on Jean Grey as it explores when she was a child and how powerful her abilities are.

Sadly though, the new trailer does now show any action, although they might be saving that later for another time.

While a trailer has not been posted online officially yet, an official trailer is expected to drop next week attached to screenings of Venom.

Hopefully the official trailer gives us more details about the plot since it's hard to decipher the story via the Russian leak.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was originally going to be released in November 2018, but the movie got delayed and had many reshoots. The movie will now be released on February 19th, 2019 in North America.

The movie is the fourth X-Men film from the new timeline which started in 2011 with X-Men: First Class. Sophie Turner returns to play Jean Grey while Jessica Chastain joins the cast playing a villainous character.

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