Early Tracking For Justice League Is Reportedly Going Well

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The DC film universe has had a resurgence thanks to the great reviews and Box Office earnings for Wonder Woman.

Tracking for Justice League is looking great so far with people getting more confidence that the movie will be an enjoyable watch.

Heroic Hollywood Editor in Chief Umberto Gonzalez tweeted out the following: "Take with a grain of salt till official tracking drops next week. Bros I know who cover WB tell me early tracking on #JusticeLeague is good!"

The only prediction made so far have been the folks over at Box Office Pro.

The website predicts that Justice League will get a Box Office weekend of $150 million in North America. This is slightly lower than the $166 million that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice got in 2016.

The website also predicts the film could get $330 million at the North American Box Office in total.

This is around the same numbers achieved by both Suicide Squad and the aforementioned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman is higher getting well over $400 million in North America when it came out in June 2017.

Justice League could be a Box Office powerhouse if the movie ends up being really good.

Joss Whedon overtook directing duties after Zack Snyder pulled out due to personal reasons. However, the majority of the film is still Snyder's vision but Whedon added some reshoots and deleted some scenes.

The movie is likely to do extremely well since comic book movies are yet to slow down. Superhero movies (aside from Star Wars) continue to be the most popular film genre in the world today.

Even if Justice League fails, Warner Bros. have more DC films in the pipeline in the near future.

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