Marriage Bootcamp Season 11, Episode 1 Recap: Who is Becky and Does She Really Have Good Hair?

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Marriage Bootcamp premiered its first episode and despite the amount of drama in their relationships and mud that each couple has been flinging at each other, they still had the nerve to porduce a fair amount of snark about all of the other ill-fated couples in the house.

Our recap is below, where we detail the broken promises and infidelity in the relationship then discuss the events of this episode.

Marriage Bootcamp: Peter and Tarai

Peter and Tarai: Tarai is still reeling from the news that Peter cheated on her and even had a baby with his ex-girlfriend.

Tarai calls the baby the "breaking point" and notes that she and Peter are separated at the onset of 'Marriage Bootcamp.' Tarai talks about how Peter's temper is just par for the course and even before they get to the house, Peter has to take a "cooling off" walk with the producers to calm down.

Despite their problems, Peter and Tarai have plenty of room to judge JJ and Julia. According to Tarai, "you've only been together for 3 months and you're already here?"

Marriage Bootcamp: JJ and Julia

JJ and Julia met on "Bachelor in Paradise" and have been together for 3 months.

They want to take their relationship to "the next level on the show." JJ and Julia are shocked by the number of kids that Peter and Tarai have. In their words, "Our parents didn't raise us that way."

Marriage Bootcamp: Mehgan and DeAndre

Mehgan feels that Deandre isn't motivated to do anything.

She lays out her ideal man but DeAndre feels that Mehgan is selfish and thinks only about herself. Again, Mehgan's first thought about Julia and JJ is that "they're super goofy looking."

Mehgan Marriage Bootcamp: Asifa and Bobby

Asifa and Bobby are from the "Shahs of Sunset" and are at Marriage Bootcamp in order to fix their 8-year relationship. They've been married and divorced. Still, Asifa declares Peter and Tarai the "Jerry Springer" couple.

Marriage Bootcamp: Kail and Javi

Kail says that they're going to "Marriage: Bootcamp" so that they can co-parent Lincoln properly. Even on their way in, Kail has to snap Javi's head off. But Kail also admits to having issues with fidelity in her relationship to Javi.

Tarai points out that she's seen Kail "kissing a girl but now she's here with a guy." Kail acknowledges that she cheat on Javi but she states it happened when they were separated.

Javi, however, notes that they're weren't actually separated. Mehgan talks about how low it was of Kail to cheat on Javi while he was deployed, Peter tells everyone to "shut up."

Once the couples are all just starting to feel comfortable in the house, the therapists make an appearance. Dr.

Ish and Dr.

V make their debut and do manage to intimidate everyone, especially since they feel vulnerable opening up about their deficits in the relationship, The first exercise that the couples are required to do is to "get married." In the process, each couple is asked about the relationship.

JJ and Julia go first. Julia talks about how JJ cheated on his ex-wife.

For some reason, JJ says that he isn't over his marriage and wonders sometimes if he's still in love with her.

Julia finds JJ's thoughts about his ex-wife bizarre considering that JJ cheated on his wife. Julia reveals her own skeletons, which include her husband having killed himself 3 years after they married.

Asif and Bobby are next. They admit to breaking up as much as 30 times over their 8-year relationship. Bobby punishes Asifa for having had an abortion.

Peter and Tarai talk about the cheating that took place in their relationship. Peter feels that Tarai needs to lower her expectations since he hasn't been loyal in any relationship he's been in.

Hmmm, not clear to us why Peter is such a catch. It must take ALOT of money to tolerate this guy.

Mehgan and DeAndre go next and discuss the drama in their relationship.

Kail and Javi then step up and discuss the lies in their relationship. Javi calls Kail a "liar and a cheater." Kail admits to having kissed her friend "Becky" at a parade but she doesn't consider that cheating.

All of the other men then proceed to ask their partners if they would cheat on them with a woman. Kail thinks Javi lives in a fantasy world where he rewrites their history.

Dr. V asks if anyone would object to remarriage between Javi and Kail and shockingly Becky shows up. Actually, the more shocking part here is that Becky is not nearly as attractive as Javi.

When Becky turns up she says she's kissed Javi too.

What? Clearly Becky gets around and isn't particularly discriminating. Still, Javi doesn't appear all that distracted by Becky, like the other couples, and instead accuses Kail of cheating on him with 3 other men.

In response to the whole situation, Kail pulls her usual "I'm out" line and tries to make a dramatic exit. Unfortunately, with all of the fancy curtains on this joint, she has some trouble finding the door. Eventually she does and sits down for a heart to heart with both Dr.

V and Becky. Kail says that she's not sure if she can deal with Javi for 10 days.

One thing that surprises us is the idea that Kail seems to have cultivated a relationship with Becky at all.

Who would have thought that someone who lives their life on reality TV would have a connection to anyone who isn't featured on their show.

Unfortunately, Dr. V isn't able to put out too many pearls of wisdom for Kail and winds up only offering something to the effect of "You're going to be okay."

The couples then make their way to their rooms and register shock over the decor. There's a lot of extra mannequins in Tarai and Peter's room, which Peter seems to find deeply disturbing.

"Yo, this looks like a devil's room.," offers Peter. For some reason, Peter is so upset by the decor he stomps out and looks like he's about to leave the show.

Kail and Javi's room features all of their tabloid dirt while JJ and Julia have pictures of the "ex" who features strongly in their relationship.

Mehgan got away with alot considering all that's in her room is picture of her. Even DeAndre admits she "looks good" in the pics.

Asifa, however, got the short end of the stick with a room that has a number of baby items.

Meanwhile, Peter has to get talked down by Dr. V who gently explains to him that the room is "designed to evoke emotion." Peter looks extremely confused by this.

He then proceeds to call his ex-girlfriend and mother of his children, Tara. Strangely, he tells her that he loves her and will talk to her tomorrow. We're starting to think that Tarai and Peter are over before they began.

And with that dramatic finish, the episode ends.

Stay tuned for more drama between these couples in our next recap!