We Could Be Seeing New Jurassic World 2 And Mission Impossible 6 Trailers At Super Bowl 52

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Super Bowl 52 will be happening later this year and it's usually the one night that major Hollywood studios love to advertise their big blockbusters coming out in the Summer season.

It has now been confirmed that Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures have already booked their place for the biggest night in American Football.

Variety confirmed this after speaking to studio spokespersons from both Universal and Paramount. Variety did not receive comments from 20th Century Fox, Disney or Warner Bros just yet.

Anyway, Universal Pictures is gearing up for a pretty eventful 2018 Summer blockbuster season. The studio's biggest release this year is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and there's sure to be a Super Bowl trailer for it.

Not to mention Universal is also releasing Fifty Shades Freed which is out very soon in February 2018. Even though the Fifty Shades films are usually critically panned, they are still popular and profitable for Universal Pictures.

Paramount Pictures is also gearing up for a pretty busy 2018. Arguably its biggest release in the Summer season is Mission Impossible 6 starring Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill.

Paramount declined to tell Variety any exact movies that it will be showing during Super Bowl 52, but I'm hoping we get to see a teaser for the Transformers: BumbleBee movie at least.

That movie is still early in production since it won't be out until December 2018.

Getting commercials into the Super Bowl broadcast each year is very expensive so only the biggest and richest companies can afford the real estate.

However, it pays off in the end because over 100 million Americans watch the Super Bowl each year which is a huge number of potentially new customers.

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