American Version Of The Office Set To Return On NBC Next Year

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The American version of The Office was a huge hit thanks to a funny cast of actors.

Well NBC wants to strike gold once again by bringing the series back with an all new cast that will debut in the 2018/2019 TV season.

As reportedly exclusively by TVLine, their sources say that NBC is readying a new series that will feature both fresh and familiar faces. Dunder Mifflin will again serve as the company where the TV series will take place in.

There is some sad news though because this new revival of the show will not star Steve Carell as the character of Michael Scott. Carell is not returning to the series whatsoever so a new boss is being found.

NBC will have to find someone as funny and charismatic as Carell. Carell was the backbone of the American series of the show for seven long seasons.

After Carell's departure of the series, the final two seasons didn't get as many viewers prompting it to end prematurely in 2013.

The revival is in the planning phases mainly because the return of NBC's Will & Grace proved to be a hit.

Reviving old TV shows seems to be fashionable in the entertainment industry lately.

Netflix produced new episodes of Gilmore Girls and Fuller House, while Fox has made recent episodes of Prison Break and The X Files just to name a few.

The Office was based on a comedy created by UK comedians Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The original UK series didn't make lots of episodes, so NBC decided to make its own version that lasted for nine long seasons.

It will be interesting to see if this revival is able to be successful. The main star has to be someone famous or else people might not be bothered to watch it.

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