Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Review/Recap: Frost And Frieza Teamup?

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Dragon Ball Super episode 108 continues the long Tournament of Power.

Many people have been eliminated from the tournament so far, although several more fighters remain. It's still a long way to go until the finish, but several huge fights are still coming our way.

Episode 108 of Dragon Ball Super kicks off with Goku facing up against Ribrianne from Universe 2. Ribrianne proves to be more powerful than meets the eye and it seems as if Goku is enjoying the challenge.

Goku is still in his base form, but he loves it when another fighter can give him a sweat. Even the other universes feel that Universe 2 could last until the very end.

Meanwhile, Universe 11 only has three fighters left but they are all super strong. Toppo is in the middle of pummeling Cabba. As of this moment, Frieza is looking on waiting for a new opponent to fight.

It seems as if everyone else is occupied at the moment.

Gohan on the other hand is facing Jimeze who is the Yardrat from Universe 2. The Yardrats are the people that created the Instant Transmission technique and Jimeze is giving Gohan a hard time.

Things aren't looking good for Gohan because Jimeze is spamming Instant Transmission. Gohan is too slow to track Jimeze's movements. Before Jimeze goes for the final attack, Frieza of all people comes to the "rescue".

Frieza is a little embarrassed that Gohan is unable to compete against Jimeze. Krillin speculates Frieza is only fighting for his own evil deeds and is not going to be a team player. After all, Frieza is an evil supervillain.

The Supreme Kai feels Frieza's goal is to be the last fighter standing so that he can be the only one to use the Super Dragon Balls.

Frieza might want to overthrow the Grand Priest as well as the Zen-Ohs to become the most powerful person in all of the Dragon Ball universe.

Universe 7 has to keep watching their backs since Frieza does not want to share his wishes with anyone else.

After standing for a long time doing nothing, Frieza decides to back away. He wants to see Gohan try and fight Jimeze by himself.

Frieza is going to wait until it's his turn to fight. However, Frieza changes his mind and decides to save Gohan. Unlike Gohan, Frieza is able to track Jimeze's movements easily as he swats him away with his tail.

Frieza is not intimidated by the Instant Transmission technique and beats Jimeze easily. Frieza blasts Jimeze in the face, and Universe 2 thinks he's dead.

Frieza says he made sure to keep Jimeze alive to avoid getting disqualified. Jimeze is then thrown out of the ring and is now eliminated from the tournament.

Frieza then calls out Gohan for being weak. In Frieza's mind, Gohan should have turned into a Super Saiyan so he could have beaten Jimeze.

Gohan shows his sympathetic side and is angry by Frieza's dirty tactics. To be fair though, Frieza didn't break any of the rules but he's still a jerk. Frost then comes over to admire Frieza's personality.

We then find out that Frost and Frieza have been working alongside each other the entire time. Despite being from different Universes, they both share a hatred for the Saiyans.

Therefore, they decided to team up and become allies. Things are not looking good for Gohan since he's already been weakened.

After the talking is over, we now have the first fight between people from the same Universe. Universe 7 is in shambles now that Frieza is fighting against Gohan.

Beerus is annoyed by the turn of events, but Champa is kind of happy. Champa likes Frieza since Frieza has a much larger power level compared to Frost.

Gohan has no choice at this point and goes full power. He powers up to his Mystic form and manages to punch Frieza in the face.

Frieza however counters this by using his full power too. We then see the Golden Frieza form. Frieza is not holding anything back in order to eliminate his own teammate! Frieza manages to knock out Gohan and Frost congratulates him.

Frost then asks Frieza for some advice on fighting forms. Frieza seems friendly at first, but he tells Frost not to trust anyone. Frieza then double crosses Frost and easily blasts him out of the ring.

Universe 6 is now down a fighter as Frost has been easily eliminated by Frieza. We then find out that Gohan was kind of in on the plan too.

Well Gohan wasn't in the plan the whole time, but he played along once Frieza punched him. He knew the punch wasn't as powerful as it could have been so he faked his own knockout.

After that confession, something really shocking happens. Frieza calls Frost an amateur and Frost is angry. Frost wants to kill Frieza, but Zen-Oh erases him on the spot.

There's not allowed to be any outside interference. Zen-Oh warns if Universe 6 tries to interfere illegally again, the whole team will be erased.

Suprisingly, the episode ends with Frieza telling Gohan they should work together until the end. Maybe Frieza is not as evil as we think he is?

Anyway, episode 108 of Dragon Ball Super was excellent. It was very unpredicatble because we never knew the true motives of Frieza.

I was convinced that Frieza was going to double cross Universe 7 because he's always hated the Saiyan race. However, Frieza managed to be a team player after all.

In my mind, Frieza may have admired Gohan for being strong. Even though Frieza and Frost are the same species, Frost is inferior to Gohan.

It goes without saying that Frost is far weaker than both Frieza and Gohan. Frieza may have liked Frost more if he was more powerful. It was cool to see both Gohan and Frieza somewhat working together to trick Frost.

Episode 109 of Dragon Ball Super could be the best one yet. This is because we finally get to see Goku fighting Jiren.

Jiren is the toughest fighter in the tournament so Goku will need to be extra powerful just to compete with him. Stay tuned again for our full review and recap!

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