The Flash & Riverdale Stars Discuss Taking On Previously White Only Roles

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With comic adaptations being everywhere these days, there are bound to be plenty of controversial casting decisions.

Sometimes these are based on acting talent, but some other times fans get in an uproar when someone is cast in a role that has a different skin color than the original character.

The Flash's Candice Patton and Riverdale's Ashleigh Murray have both had to deal with this, with both recently weighing in on the topic during a panel.

Patton first debuted on The Flash as Iris West from the very start in a role that was previously known as being white in the comics.

There were, of course, some people that had issues with this casting, which Patton detailed during a panel at POPSUGAR's Play/Ground Festival of which has provided us with some quotes from.

“For me, Iris West was traditionally white in the comic books. So, you know, comic book fans are very opinionated, very vocal. So it was very scary stepping into that role when I started the show. And I remember our executive producer at this time, once I got cast, he was like ‘Don’t go online. Just don’t go on. But what’s great is, I think over time, people have embraced me and have embraced this character and I think it’s really important. And I think what’s great is, you know, years to come, people will remember Iris West as being African-American. And that’s a really, really cool thing.”

Similarly, Murray found herself in a similar situation when Riverdale debuted in 2017 in the role of Josie McCoy, better known as the lead singer of Josie and the Pussycats. Not only had this character been white in the comics and animated series before, but she was also white in the live action movie, played by Rachael Leigh Cook.

What also made this controversial for some on Riverdale is that not only was Josie black, but they made the entire Pussycats trio black as well, when only one member was in the original versions.

"They were like ‘Just don’t even go on the Internet. Don’t check social media.’ And I have seen people say some really unfortunate things, but there was so much happiness and gratitude and support outside of that negativity, that it kinda outweighed it. And now it’s just white noise. I don’t even notice it or see it much anymore. And it’s probably thanks to [Candice], because [she] had to go through it before I did. You probably made the transition a little bit easier.”

Following up on Murray, Patton also said that she hopes that what they have gone through will allow this to be less of an issue in the future for those that are cast in similar situations.

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