Box Office: Mission: Impossible – Fallout Beats Out The Rest Of The Competition

As predicted, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the number one movie at the Box Office this weekend beating out all of the rest of the competition. The movie managed to open higher than every other Mission: Impossible film released to date.

As reported by Box Office Pro, Mission: Impossible – Fallout debuted with an impressive $61.5 million in its opening weekend. This beats out Mission: Impossible II's opening weekend of $57 million and it's the best of the 22 year old franchise so far.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout currently has strong word of mouth receiving an "A" rating on Cinemascore and having a 97% rating over on Rotten Tomatoes.

This should do well in the long run as there aren't that many huge blockbusters that can compete against it during the month of August.

From a global standpoint, Mission: Impossible - Fallout received $92 million in overseas market with a total global opening of $153.5 million.

The film will be released in France and China in August so there's more chances for it to exceed in the coming weeks.

The only other new release this week is Teen Titans Go! To The Movies which is a film version of the popular Cartoon Network series.

Sadly, the film opened to a lower than expected estimate of $10.5 million. This is far lower than the predicted outcome of a $17 million opening weekend.

Warner Bros did not really advertise the movie a lot plus the Teen Titans Go! TV series itself is not universally loved which may have been a reason why for the lower than expected opening.

That said, Warner Bros will not lose much money from the movie as the budget itself was only $10 million to make.

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