DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 1 Review: 'The Virgin Gary'

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After starting off as probably the weakest of the Arrowverse shows, Legends of Tomorrow has taken off since season 2 and is arguably the best one of them all.

The ensemble cast and wacky humor is always a treat every week and now we take a turn to the magical in the fourth season premiere 'The Virgin Gary.'

As is tradition with Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends save the day, but then somehow make things worse.

To actually defeat Mallus at the end of last season, the Legends actually freed him, which we learned also freed other magical creatures at the end of the finale courtesy of Contantine dropping a dragon head in front of them.

Since that time, nothing seemed out of sorts, so they thought everything was fine.

The Legends are summoned to the Time Bureau, with them assuming that they found out and would be in trouble, with Sara especially worried that Ava would be angry.

However, this turns out to be a surprise party for the Legends to celebrate them fixing the last anachronism, which we saw at the start of the episode.

This was a funny moment, as Paul Revere shows up when the Beatles were first arriving in America as part of the British Invasion, though the Legends quickly solve it.

While the party is still going on, Sara and Ava sneak away to Ava's apartment, where she asks Sara to move in. This is a sweet moment between the two, as we see the domesticated Sara as she jokes about.

However, Constantine shows up in Ava's kitchen with a warning that something is coming before Ava comes and he leaves. This leads to a funny moment of Ava saying should she be concerned about Sara's ex being in her kitchen.

Also while the party is going on, Mick and Nate get bored and decide to go do something else. Mick suggests a felony and Nate actually goes along with it after Mick steals a car. He recommends they go break into a specific house, which ends up being Nate's parents house that he thought wouldn't be there, but end up finding them trying to drink their liquor.

I thought it was really neat that they got Tom Wilson, aka Biff from Back to the Future, which definitely fits the time traveling aspect of the show.

Nate and his father do not have a good relationship, with him basically thinking Nate is a nothing historian.

I did like that Nate went to try and bond with him at the end of the episode though, which should be an interesting storyline this season.

Based off of what Constantine said, Sara goes herself to Woodstock 1969 to investigate something she thought might be a new anachronism. At the party, Zari starts teasing Ray about the fact that he likes Nora, since she knew he had to have been the one to help her escape by giving her Damian Darhk's time stone.

We saw great chemistry between Ray and Nora last year in the episode he got captured, which makes sense considering they are married in real life, so I like we're diving more into that story this year.

Ray noticed some sort of disturbance then at Woodstock that he thinks is Nora, so him and Zari also go to investigate, not knowing Sara is there.

While in the woods, they find a dead body up in the trees with its heart ripped out, with them still assuming it must be Nora.

While Nate is having a conversation with his dad, he notices his dad reference the Woodstock Massacre that ended the hippie movement, leading him and Mick to also going to Woodstock knowing something bad goes on.

All five of them end up running into each other there and come across a magical unicorn, where we learn that Nate and Ray are Bronies.

This takes a nasty turn though as the unicorn ends up impaling a person and spraying the Legends with some sort of goo, which Sara avoids by hiding behind Zari.

Sara goes off to try and find Constantine for help, while the other Legends go on an acid trip that is rather hilarious.

After finding Constantine, they all get together to get the spell ready to banish the unicorn back to where it came from, with it needing a virgin as well for bait, which ends up being Gary from the Time Bureau, who still continues to be fantastic comedic release.

This entire sequence back in 1969 is fantastic, as the spell actually rips the skin off the unicorn, revealing a much scarier version of it, before getting banished.

It didn't go without a fight though, initially biting Gary's hand and then ripping off one of his nipples before escaping.

The end of the episode has the Legends sort of breaking off into groups, including the aforementioned moment between Nate and his dad. Ray reveals to Zari that he does have feeling for Nora afterall, with a touching moment between both coming as Zari takes Ray to a park with a young version of herself being pushed in a swing by her mother that gets killed in the future.

This is rather heartbreaking to see and was a very powerful scene.

Sara reveals the truth to Ava about the magical creatures they released into the universe, with her revealing she already knew as Gary was blabbing about his scar from the unicorn.

She isn't mad though, which Sara was glad to see.

The episode ends however with a big tease that very possibly is for the big bad of the season.

Constantine is visited by some sort of spirit that starts to make him contort like something out of The Exorcist before leaving him a note in blood on the mirror saying "I'm coming for you Johnny." This seems to mean it's likely a personal vendetta, so this should be very interesting to see with Constantine now a series regular this season.

'The Virgin Gary' picked up where season three left off with the right balance of humor and character moments that really make Legends of Tomorrow great.

I'm really excited about the addition of Constantine to the lineup and the various magical creatures we see this season should be great if the unicorn was any indication.

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