'90 Day Fiance' Watch Anfisa Getting Her Green Card (Sneek Preview)

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It looks like Anfisa is finally ready to get her green card. In the upcoming scene from 90 Day Fiance, Anfisa and Jorge prepare to go to the interview, and Anfisa can't be more excited.

In the video, she explains that she is happy to be able to travel and drive (it's unclear why she can't drive without a green card), and she says that she isn't sure what she wants with Jorge.

Things haven't been getting any better since she and Jorge had a blowout regarding money, which we have covered extensively here.

Anfisa has had some major surprises lately, as she learned that Jorge wasn't rich (we could have told her that), and that he's actually in debt to the tune of $30,000.

While Jorge claims that he's been slacking since Anfisa showed up, we're pretty confident that Jorge was never making as much as he made it seem. And that Audi R8? That disappeared fast.

So we'll find out soon whether Anfisa is going to be staying with Jorge after the green card, and whether she and Jorge can maintain their fake happiness long enough to get through the interview.

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