'Married By Mom And Dad' TLC Season 2 Finale - The Shocking News

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Tonight was the 10th episode of season 2 of TLC's Married By Mom And Dad.

Devin and Ursula

The episode starts with Ursula moving in with Devin. Ursula is concerned about moving in so soon, but she does it anyway. Devin finds it hard to find her closet space among his clothes.

Ursula decides to cook dinner for Devin. We find out that he learned a new word today: residual. The two have dinner and talk about sex. Apparently, they haven't had sex yet.

Devin and Ursula end the season together.

Tahnee and Matt

After a very good wedding, Tahnee and Matt are starting to get to know each other. He starts by showing her his art. They quickly get into more serious stuff -- like where they're going to live.

Matt also breaks the news of her son to her. Tahnee knew about the son from her parents. But she's unsure how it will work being a stepmother. Then, Matt tells Tahnee about his engagement. That makes her uncomfortable.

Things appear to be tough between the couple. They have only seen each other a few times since the wedding. And both Tahnee and Matt don't want to leave their locations to be with the other person.

Matt shows up and explains that he's unsure about being married to Tahnee. Matt considered getting an annulment, but the couple decides to try to make things work.

Although they appear to still be married, Tahnee and Matt have still not moved in together.

Bethany and Billy

After a huge fight in the last episode, things are really tense. Bethany explains the situation to her mom -- her mom actually thinks Billy is right.

Meanwhile, Billy goes to his friend Randy's house and they discuss the situation. Billy is upset that Bethany hasn't admitted that she was involved with the other guy. But he's willing to be the bigger person and apologize.

Billy makes a grand gesture to apologize to Bethany.

He writes her a love note and takes her to the top of a building in the city and asks her to marry/stay married to him. He gives her an engagement ring, and the couple has a kiss.

The couple ends the series saying that they may be pregnant (they're not).


For whatever reason, Marissa's dad is really upset that she hasn't picked a guy. Marissa ends the series in California, looking for guys on her own.

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