Brian Cranston Tells Seth Meyers About His Trip to A Nudist Colony

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As Brian Cranston does his press tour for The Infiltrator, he stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to chat about the film and also talked about his visit to a nudist colony.

Cranston visited his uncle Bob while he was in Florida shooting the film and the 87-year-old lives South of Tampa in a retirement community. However, the community happens to be a nudist colony.

Cranston took a photo of his naked uncle Bob during the visit and shared it with the show.

Meyers was pretty intrigued by the entire idea and asked what it was like to be on the grounds. Cranston said that he did not have to be naked on the grounds.

He said he was looking out and the fact that his uncle had to turn his neck bothered him, so he repositioned his wheelchair.

Uncle Bob's repositioned wheelchair wasn't the best for Cranston who was now staring directly at his naked uncle.

Cranston joked that his uncle would bring his friends over and it got a little stranger. The actor got his start in Florida when he needed some money.

A director gave him a job in a production of The King and I. You can catch Cranston in The Infiltrator which is now playing and watch him explain his visit to a nudist colony in the video below.

Brian Cranston Tells Seth Meyers About His Nudist Colony Trip

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