Rumor: Ray Park Might Not Reprise His Role As Darth Maul

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Ray Park surprisingly came back to play Darth Maul in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

However due to a recent Instagram post, it sounds like Lucasfilm and Disney don't want to use him anymore if Darth Maul is to come back in future Star Wars projects.

If you didn't know already, Ray Park inexplicably posted a rude Instagram post last week of him getting a blowjob with his wife. Nobody knows why he did it, but the post has since now been deleted.

According to a source from LRM Online, the Instagram post offended the higher ups at Disney meaning Ray Park could be recast. You can read their comments on the report written down below.

"According to our source, Lucasfilm and Disney have taken such an action. More specifically, the studios have decided to move forward with Darth Maul without Ray Park."

Ray Park only played the Darth Maul character to dress up in his makeup. The voice actor for the character is none other than Sam Witwer. Sam Witwer could easily replace Park as Maul.

Bear in mind, this is just a rumor because Disney has not mentioned if Maul is to come back in future Star Wars projects yet.

There are currently no plans to make a Solo movie sequel at this moment, although a Disney+ limited series could be more likely instead.

As of right now, Disney is concentrating on The Mandalorian Season 2 out later this year. The next Star Wars movie trilogy does not start until the year 2023!

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