Watch Seth Meyers Imagine Sean Spicer's Nightmares on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

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Tonight on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Seth Meyers did a "Closer Look" segment on Trump, Sean Spicer, and health care.

'Late Night With Seth Meyers' Talks Comey Meeting

Seth Meyers discussed today's James Comey hearing, in which Comey explained his decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her email server issues, and he explained why he believes that he made the right decision and not previously talking about the Trump campaigns connections to Russia.

Meyers noted that Comey made a ridiculous statement about returning to October 28, 2016:

Comey: Everybody who disagrees with me has to come back to October 28 with me.

Meyers: You know how to get back to October 21? Fire up the DeLorean bro because I need to buy someone a ticket to Wisconsin and Michigan.

Next, Seth Meyers discussed the GOP healthcare bill. Meyers played a clip of a newscaster who said that Trump believes he's doing the best that he can. Of course, he agreed with that statement:

At least Trump is finally saying something I actually believe. I do believe that this is the best he can do.

Meyers then played another clip of Trump, who this time was asking graduates of the Air Force Academy if they know what donors are. Meyers quipped that they're air force cadets -- not space cadets.

'Late Night With Seth Meyers' On Sean Spicer's Nightmares

But the funniest part of the monologue was when Seth Meyers began discussing Sean Spicer and Nick Mulvaney. Mulvaney did a press conference yesterday telling voters that the White House is in fact competent:

Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney took questions about the budget do Republicans and Democrats hammer out when asked what the message of the budget deal was. Mulvaney said this the message that was sending is that we are competent we know what were doing the country safe in our hands. It's not reassuring when the government have to tell you we know what were doing -- that's like a doctor telling his patient relax, I went to medical school. Now nurse hand me the sharp knife thingy.

Meyers continued:

Mulvaney sounds like a Bond villain who explains his plan while Bond escapes -- you'll see the Coal Miners were merely a pawn Mr. Bond and now it is time -- where did you go?


White House press secretary Sean Spicer was supposed to take questions [afterward], but instead he just walked out, leaving the press corps to shout his name...Sean Spicer must hear that sound in his nightmares.

You can watch the entire segment below.

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