One Direction's Louis Tomlinson & His Perfect World To Live In

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The members of One Direction, have always said that they've been astonished by the things their fans are able to accomplish. Wither it's just voting for them or deciding to do a fan release of a song.

The fans have even joked about how. The band recently asked fans to speak up on global issues that plague them in Action/1D.

Action/1D requires fans to post videos on certain issues that are effecting the world.

A new topic is revealed every other day during the week. The first request was for videos of fans explaining what kind of world they want to live in.

Louis Tomlinson, posted his own example with a video of himself saying he wants to live in a world where every child can access medicine.

Other issues that have been revealed so far are the water issue.

"750 million people around the world lack access to safe water. Send us a video of water - maybe the rain or it could be a stream or the sea."

Because they have fans from all over the world, those who are participating in Action/1D are asked to record a video stating where they are from. The other request is more directed to showing how fans would celebrate.

This last one seems to be more for the movie, the band is putting together using clips from some of these videos.

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