Sandra Collier Performs 'Bang Bang' On 'The Ellen Show'

There seems to be a few points in time where an audience member really impresses Ellen Degeneres, or just makes her laugh very hard, that is exactly what Sandra Collier did which led to her return to "The Ellen Show" where she performed Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jesse J's "Bang Bang."

(Video Below)

Collier rejoined "The Ellen Show" audience, and took to performing the same song that got DeGeneres' attention in the first place. She began singing the lyrics and at first it seemed like she did a little practicing.

Ultimately as the performance went one, the lyrics became a little too much for Collier, especially Nicki Minaj's verse. The performance was quite entertaining for fans of "The Ellen Show," who sang along with Collier.

In instances where she began to forget the lyrics she improvised by dancing and show the viewers her moves. The entire performance was pretty comedic and it looked as if Collier had a lot of fun.

It just goes to show that anything can happen on "The Ellen Show." Collier gained the attention of DeGeneres when she first appeared on the audience camera singing away to lyrics she didn't know.

After that appearance DeGeneres gave Collier a surprise phone call last week and invited her back to the show to give her rendition of "Bang Bang."

Watch Sandra Perform 'Bang Bang'