The Ellen Show Keeps The Giving Spirit Alive

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When The Ellen Show fans see a dancing reindeer they know it's time to get something extra special. That's exactly what happened when Ellen DeGeneres continued her bonus days of giveaways on The Ellen Show.

Dasher came out dancing and the fans went nuts. He whispered into DeGeneres ear and the bell began to ring, letting everyone know that it was time to receive gifts from the show.

The host said that this has got to be the final day of the bonus days of giveaways. We aren't sure we believe them but tomorrow should set the record straight.

Dasher began to introduced the first gift which was a 3-year Hulu gift card. Dasher continued to introduced the next couple of gifts that included, a Beth Shack poker set, a $300 Bliss gift card and finally a $300 Kohl's gift card.

You can watch all of the giveaway madness in The Ellen Show video below. DeGeneres also made sure to remind us all to be kind to one another.

The Ellen Show Keeps The Giving Spirit Alive