20th Century Fox To Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of Planet of the Apes

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The first Planet of the Apes film released back in 1968 and featured one of the biggest shock endings of all time. 50 years later, the franchise is still going strong thanks to a new reboot trilogy that has been critically acclaimed.

20th Century Fox announced on the official Planet of the Apes website that it will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the franchise all year long via its social media accounts. You can read the announcement down below.

Join us in a year-long celebration of Planet of the Apes, with a digital exploration through half a century of innovative storytelling. On PlanetoftheApes.com, our social channels, and monthly newsletter, we'll journey through the worlds, storylines, and characters that defined the franchise. We'll deliver insider access to never-before-seen archives of how the films were made, and how they've changed cinema forever.

That's not all because 20th Century Fox is also hosting a cool exhibit about the franchise at the USC School of Cinematic Art.

A preview of the exhibit starts on January 26th, with the actual display being up at the "Hugh Hefner Exhibition Hall at USC from February 9th to May 13th".

Some cool stuff will be on display such as props, costumes, photos, posters and artwork from all of the Planet of the Apes movies released to date. By my calculation, I think the franchise has nine movies in total.

There were five original films, Tim Burton's 2001 remake plus the new reboot trilogy. The franchise has also spawned a short-lived TV series, a cartoon and several video games too.

Panels and screenings will also occur that will feature many of the filmmakers that have worked on the franchise before. This includes directors Matt Reeves, Rupert Wyatt and more.

Hopefully this is not the end of the Planet of the Apes franchise. There is potential for even more films to be made despite this recent trilogy seeing a fitting conclusion.

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