Megyn Kelly To Take Over 'Today Show' Hour, Viewers Say 'Meh'

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So NBC has announced what they're going to do with Megyn Kelly: the pundit/host who everyone seems to love -- except the actual viewers -- is going to take over a full hour of the NBC Today show, according to People.

The magazine reports that Kelly will either be taking the third hour from Tamron Hall and Al Roker, or she'll take the 10:00 AM slot from Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

This will be in addition to Kelly's Sunday news magazine, and her daily opinion show. And on top of all that, she's going to be hosting NBC special events.

But in the middle of all of this hoopla about Kelly, everyone is forgetting one big thing: nobody really likes her.

Kelly exposes one of the most unfortunate things about the corporate media: that they are completely out-of-touch with their viewers.

She developed a Godlike following among mainstream journalists because of her disingenuous pseudo-neutrality on FOX. And network execs -- who have never seen an overhyped robot they didn't love (read: Wolf Blitzer) -- thought they were witnessing the second coming.

But in the real world, things have been very different.

FOX tried so hard to keep Kelly, but losing her was one of the best moves they've made in a long time.

Since Kelly was replaced by Tucker Carlson, ratings for her hour have skyrocketed, reaching levels that Kelly never could. Carlson is now routinely getting nearly 800,000 viewers for his show; at best, Kelly got about half of that.

And while it's true that Kelly often beat out MSNBC and CNN, it's important to remember that she was in a time slot after the most popular program on cable news, The O'Reilly Factor. Even still, toward the end of her tenure, she was routinely getting beaten out by MSNBC -- something that's nearly unheard of for FOX for any other time slot.

Why was Kelly so lackluster? The right didn't really like her because even though she mostly toed the line at FOX, she fought Trump on a few issues.

The left, meanwhile, has never liked Kelly, given her history dismissing the concerns of minorities and making racially insensitive remarks.

It looks like we can all look forward to seeing lots of Megyn Kelly in the near future. Good luck in getting anyone to care.

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