Chug A Beer To Strike Out PMS Satire Goes Viral

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The ice bucket challenge will be in the history books as one of the many super-viral successful campaigns for good.

However, even though the idea has all the powers of good behind it, it may end up where Kony 2012 is now.

Either way, we are still right in the middle of the ice bucket challenge as celebrities and sports figures start to get involved.

The latest trend to hit the viral landscape is a satire off the idea called "Chug a beer to strike out pms". Lude, lame and exactly what the internet is all about.

This one has people posting video of themselves chugging a beer and then passing it on to other people.

Just like the ice bucket challenge, people are having fun with it. Unlike the ice bucket challenge, this helps no charity and is incredibly sexist.

Hopefully this one stays in the dark corners of the internet. Of course people love chugging beer so who knows. Let's see if Oprah will do this one..