Transformers: The Last Knight Continues To Disappoint At The Box Office

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Transformers: The Last Knight continues to drop at the Box Office.

It's not just North Americans that aren't watching the movie as people worldwide don't seem to be interested in the movie too. Not even China is able to save this movie this time around.

As reported by Forbes, the second weekend for Transformers: The Last Knight dropped by an astounding 78 percent compared to the week prior. Its opening weekend was $128.1 million, but the movie fell to a very low $28.5 million after that.

This is one of the biggest Box Office second weekend drops in Chinese history.

Transformers: Age of Extinction dropped only 47 percent in its second weekend and earned a respectable $54 million. Age of Extinction went on to gross over $300 million in China.

With the way things are going now, it's unlikely The Last Knight will reach $300 million in China.

In North America, the second weekend only earned $17 million. The movie has only earned over $102 million so far and will be the lowest grossing Transformers film in history.

From a worldwide standpoint, the movie has earned $429.9 million globally. This is far short of the $1 billion mark that the two previous films got.

The movie is still set to be released in other countries that haven't received it yet, so the worldwide gross could climb to $600 million or $700 million when all is set and done.

That being said, the movie cost over $217 million to make which is a huge budget. Paramount Pictures won't be earning a big profit due to the lower earnings.

It's safe to say Paramount Pictures will be thinking of taking the series to a new direction after this.

Five films directed by Michael Bay is too much for some people to handle. A new team might be able to produce something fresh and different.

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