Watch The 'Power Rangers' First Run In With Alpha In The Latest Clip

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The Power Rangers film is one of the years most highly anticipated movies especially for a lot of 90s kids.

In the latest clip from Lionsgate, the new Rangers discover the insides of a ship and finally come face-to-face with a classic character.

The new team who happen to still be figuring out their power coins and what has been going on with them, venture into a spaceship where things begin to move around them.

The ship itself changes shape and not knowing what's going on, they all run and try to hide from whatever is coming.

Just when they think they are in a proper, safe place, the Yellow Ranger is grabbed and pull my some sort of grappling hook.

Instead of meeting up with an evil villain at the end of it, there stands Alpha who ecstatically exclaims, "you're real!"

It's another small glimpse inside what is shaping up to be another huge release for Lionsgate. Unfortunately we'll have to wait a little longer as the Power Rangers movie hits theaters on March 24.

Watch The 'Power Rangers' First Run In With Alpha In The Latest Clip

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