Ryan Lochte Auditions As An Ellen Show Model and Reflects On The 2016 Summer Olympics

You can tell Ryan Lochte was feeling bummed after the Rio fiasco during his most recent visit to The Ellen Show.

Lochte and his Dancing With The Stars partner Cheryl Burke visited the show as Lochte reflected on what went down in Rio and auditioned to be an Ellen Show underwear model.

Lochte had already agreed to do Dancing With The Stars before he got into trouble in Rio for lying about being robbed at gunpoint. DeGeneres thought that Lochte was trying to do it to get out there but the decision was made a month before.

Lochte said he reached the lowest point of his life and was in a really dark place. He said he wasn't sure he should come out and hide his entire life.

He was motivated by his family and friends to continue on with the obligation. Lochte is suspended from competition for 10 months and said he had never taken a break from the sport his entire life.

He told DeGeneres that it was heartbreaking but he vows to continue training and become a better swimmer as well as a better person.

Lochte said he reached out to Michael Phelps for advice and according to Lochte, Phelps told him, "it's not what you did it's what you do now that shape who you are." Lochte vowed to better himself and make sure that he doesn't make those mistakes again.

DeGeneres wanted to know if Lochte had plans to go to Tokyo for the next Olympics however, the swimmer said he was getting pretty tired but he still has goals he wants to accomplish.

It wasn't a clear answer but we wouldn't be surprise if we saw Lochte competing in Tokyo.

Later on DeGeneres revealed that Lochte had auditioned to be an underwear model for the show and they found the tape.

She rolled the tape as Lochte got bright red. You can check out his interview and underwear audition for The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Ryan Lochte Reflects On The Rio Fiasco On The Ellen Show

Ryan Lochte's Ellen Show Underwear Model Audition Tape

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