New Star Wars: The Black Series Toys Revealed

Hasbro has now announced several new toys that will be a part of the Star Wars: The Black Series line of figures. Many of these figures are supposed to be due out sometime later this year.

The first range of figures announced are from the Archive Line. These are re-releases that enable collectors to get past toys that they may have missed the first time around.

The Archive Line includes A New Hope Princess Leia, ROTS Obi-Wan Kenobi, a 501st Clone Trooper and even Darth Revan form Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The next line of toys that you can get are new updated figures for the characters that were in the Rogue One movie.

The characters included here are Bodhi Rook, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, K-2SO, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, Antoc Merrick and Galen Erso.

The latter two toys are exclusive to Target in the USA, Toy R US in Canada and Fan Channel in the UK.

Lastly, Hasbro announced a range of figures that are in the pipeline. The characters being considered are a Jedha Patrol Stormtrooper, Bib Fortuna, Mayfeld in Trooper disguise, Fennec Shand, “Nomad” Boba Fett and Cobb Vanth.

The last announcement was a Haslab Campaign for the Black Series. It's not a vehicle so it could be a large creature or a playset!

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