Early Box Office Tracking Revealed For Sony's Venom Movie

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Sony Pictures is about to finally release its Venom movie this October and there is a lot riding on this movie for the film studio.

This is because Sony plans to create another comic book universe separate to the success Disney is seeing with its MCU.

Box Office Pro has now reported some early tracking for Venom's Box Office weekend potential.

Initially tracking for the film was pretty low, but new evidence suggests it could now have the biggest opening weekend of all time in the month of October.

Box Office Pro is predicting that Venom will open north of $65 million in its opening weekend. An optimistic prediction states that the movie could open to over $100 million, although we will have to wait and see if that actually happens.

Box Office Pro is being more conservative with its prediction mainly because the ratio between negative to positive comments is quite high.

There are many fans out there not thinking Venom will be a good movie based on Sony's poor effort of portraying the character in the past. Every comic book movie fans wants to forget that Spider-Man 3 ever happened...

I'm no Box Office analyst, but I feel Venom has the potential to gross higher than the $65 million weekend that is being predicted.

This is mainly because the trailers have been really popular both on YouTube and Facebook so a lot of casual movie goers might be interested to see what the hype is all about.

Something over $80 million will be my final prediction.

After all, early Box Office tracking is not always accurate. Analysts in the past underestimated the Box Office potential of Deadpool and Wonder Woman a few years ago.

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