The Mandalorian Episode 2 Review (Spoilers)

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It was a big week for The Mandalorian because we were blessed with two episodes and not just one. The Mandalorian character had a problem in the second episode as he had to deal with some scavenger Jawas.

Even though these Jawas aren't from Tatooine, they still have a huge sandcrawler and they still steal parts from ships to sell as their own.

Since The Mandalorian parked his Razor's Crest ship unattended, the Jawas stole all of the parts leaving The Mandalorian stranded.

The first part of the episode was quite entertaining, although very violent because The Mandalorian vaporized a ton of Jawas in order to get his parts back for his ship.

Needless to say, he is outnumbered and the Jawas are able to get away!

What I like most about The Mandalorian TV show so far is that the show isn't heavy on dialogue or boring drama.

The Mandalorian just gets on with his job and we as the audience witness what he has to do during his day.

After unsuccessfully getting his parts back, The Mandalorian asks Kuiii for help. Kuiii suggests he should barter with the Jawas to see if there's anything he can offer them to get his parts back.

After several negotiations, the Jawas agree to give his parts back if he can bring back a special egg for them. This job is easier said than done because the egg is guarded by a huge animal!

The Mandalorian cannot seem to beat the animal one-on-one, but thankfully the cute Yoda baby uses the Force to help him out. The baby lifts the beast off the ground allowing The Mandalorian to slay the animal.

The baby falls asleep as using the Force made him tired. As for The Mandalorian, he's successful in obtaining the egg and the Jawas finally return the ship parts back to him.

I will say this episode was very short as it only lasted for around 28 minutes without the end credits. That said, I don't mind the episode being too short because it didn't waste too much time on any boring parts.

There was no Cara Dune (Gina Carano) yet so we will have to wait and see when she shows up later.

This episode was mainly just about The Mandalorian getting his parts back, with the episode ending with him finally leaving the planet and Kuiii behind.

As for the child, it looks like it will be a future Jedi of some sort. It will be interesting to see what happens next to the Yoda child when he grows up!

Anyway, episode 2 was yet another great episode with The Mandalorian being my new favorite TV show. Hopefully the rest of the six episodes to come are just as entertaining as the first two.

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