Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar Announced For WWE Crown Jewel 2021

WWE has now officially announced the first big match for Crown Jewel 2021. The Saudi Arabia stadium show will have a main event where Roman Reigns faces off against Brock Lesnar.

This is a match that was already teased at the end of SummerSlam 2021. At the end of that PPV, Roman Reigns successfully defended the Universal Title against John Cena. After that, a returning Brock Lesnar confronted Roman Reigns.

This match will be special since both men are close to Paul Heyman.

This time though, Roman Reigns is playing the heel while Brock Lesnar is the babyface. The roles were reversed when the two faced one another in the past.

This match is taking place regardless if Roman Reigns is still the Universal Champion. Reigns still has to defend his title at Extreme Rules against The Demon version of Finn Balor.

Many people expect Reigns to retain the title as the man has been undefeated for well over a year now. It's highly unlikely Finn Balor is the man that will dethrone the Tribal Chief!

WWE could allow Brock Lesnar to win at Crown Jewel in order to combat the growing momentum that AEW has been having as of late.

The rival company has been on fire lately with the recent additions of CM Punk, Adam Cole and even Bryan Danielson.

WWE Crown Jewel airs on October 21st on Peacock and the WWE Network.

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