'Sweet/Vicious' Episode 6 Recap: Fearless

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Tonight was the sixth episode of MTV's Sweet/Vicious.

This episode begins where the last episode left off -- Ophelia had just been almost caught after attacking one of the rapists.

However, she managed to get out and now there's a campus-wide search for her (although people don't know it's her).

There was a video taken of Ophelia, but it's unclear if she can be identified in the video.

However, Ophelia was injured in the attack, and the person on the video was injured -- so Ophelia needs to hide her injury in order to not be caught.

With the campus under lockdown, Harris appears at Ophelia's apartment and says that he believes Jules is the vigilante. Ophelia tries to convince him otherwise.

She leaves and walks in on Jules and Tyler making out. She then returns and hears Harris talking about his theory to Martin. Martin is later fired for telling the theory to his boss.

Meanwhile, looking out the window, Jules realizes that the cops are checking everyone's arms.

In order to distract the cops, Ophelia dresses as the vigilante and leads the cops to the home of the rapist driver. The cops come in and arrest him.

Back at Jules' sorority house, Kennedy finds Jules' books, and she realizes that Jules is lying about why she hasn't been around.

Kennedy becomes suspicious and upset. Another housemate tells her about Jules' necklace, and Kennedy starts to put things together.

Separately, Ophelia returns to the record store, where Jules' rapist Nate has shown up. Jules is hooking up with Tyler, but in the middle, Jules has a flashback and runs out of the room.

She then goes and attacks Nate for raping her. Tyler thinks Jules likes Nate and that's why she ran out. She breaks up with him.

Jules then returns to her sorority house and tries to talk to Kennedy. Nate has already lied and told Kennedy that Jules had sex with him -- not about the rape.

So when Jules tells Kennedy that Nate raped her, Kennedy doesn't believe it.

At the end of the episode, Jules moves in with Ophelia, and Martin discovers the rapist wall.

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