Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 Review/Recap: Universe 7 vs Merged Warrior Anilaza

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The Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super is winding down with only three universes left. Universe 11 is taking a break as the battle now is between Universe 3 and Universe 7.

Things were going well for Universe 7, until Universe 3 at the end of episode 120 revealed a new technique. Doctor Paparoni reveals a huge purple and white monster going by the name of Anilaza.

This monster is huge and Android 17 and Android 18 think it's a good idea to help out the Saiyan trio (Gohan, Goku and Vegeta).

At this point of the episode, Frieza is still taking things easy letting his teammates do all the work for him...

Despite gaining a lot of muscle mass, Anilaza is still quite speedy. There's not much else Universe 7 can do besides just run away at this point until they find out a weak spot.

Goku powers up to be a Super Saiyan God while Vegeta turns into a Super Saiyan. Gohan, Android 17 and 18 all join in to work together to try and take down this big behemoth once and for all.

Unfortunately, things don't go according to plan because Anilaza is still able to anticipate all of their moves. Even with five fighters against one, he can see their every move.

Android 17 makes a smart observation as Anilaza's ears help him locate where his targets are. Universe 7 somehow needs to find a way to attack him without him noticing which is easier said than done.

Anilaza starts punching everyone and they cannot seem to know where his strikes are landing. Things look really bad for the team once Goku gets hit and it looks like he might fall out of the ring.

Thankfully, Frieza saves Goku from being eliminated by kicking him back inside the ring. Now Frieza finally joins in on the team since he knows he needs Goku to stay in the tournament to beat Jiren.

The fight continues on and Anilaza catches Android 18 and tries to eat her for some reason.

Goku manages to rescue her and it's great to see Universe 7 working as a cohesive unit. This is one the best teamwork moments that they have done since the tournament started.

Speaking of teamwork, Android 18 does something really noble after this. Android 17 cannot block Anilaza's Ki blasts and it looks like he too will be eliminated.

However Android 18 sacrifices herself so Android 17 can stay in the tournament. She kicks him back in while she chooses to take the fall and the elimination.

I'm a little disappointed that Android 18 is out of the tournament already. Sure she's not as powerful as the Saiyans, but she was the only female fighter left.

That being said, Android 18 does not feel too sad about her elimination. She hopes that Android 17 can use her sacrifice as motivation to keep on fighting.

Anilaza then grows out some wings and fires off a huge death ball from the sky. He intends to eliminate the rest of Universe 7's remaining five fighters all at once.

The five fighters power up to all of their strongest forms and shoot out their own Ki blasts. They are hoping their effort can collectively save their skins!

The five fighters kind of look like the Power Rangers which is cool because each person is firing off a different colored Ki blast. The animation and special effects are impressive in today's Dragon Ball Super episode.

Android 17 is courageous and flies up to Anilaza head on. He manages to punch his weak spot which is a red bead on top of his head.

This weakens Anilaza enough for the rest of the fighters to blast him away! Even though it looks like they killed him, all they did was put him out of the ring and separate.

With all fighters of Universe 3 now gone, this means their universe is erased from existence. With their erasure, the Tournament of Power is now just between Universe 7 and Universe 11.

Overall, episode 121 of Dragon Ball Super is awesome because a lot of teamwork was involved. It was cool to see Frieza finally getting his hands dirty as he has been doing nothing for the past few weeks.

It's disappointing that Android 18 won't be in the final fight, although it's probably better for her since the rest of Universe 11's fighters are going to be really tough.

For Universe 7 there's Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Android 17 and Frieza left. For Universe 11, they have Jiren, Dyspo and Toppo.

Remember, episode 122 won't be airing on New Year's Eve as Dragon Ball Super is taking a break. The next episode of Universe 11 vs Universe 7 will be taking place two weeks from now on January 7th, 2018.

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