DJ Khaled on the Ellen DeGeneres Show 'Major Key'

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It's Wednesday, the day that DJ Khaled has been waiting for all week long. Why? Well, he has conducted his first television interview with none other that Ellen DeGeneres and it's everything that we ever wanted.

Khaled made his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show with and DeGeneres asked him to explain exactly who he is for people who may not know. He told DeGeneres that he is a music mogul, a producer, a DJ, an executive a CEO and the list went on and on.

He named a couple of the anthems that he has produced in the past couple of years including, "I'm On One" and All I Do Is Win." He also announced that Jay-Z is his manager now which DeGeneres congratulated him on.

(Full Ellen DeGeneres Video Below)

Khaled claims that he is the hip-hop Quincy Jones. He continued to tells DeGeneres and her audience that he is blessed which brought DeGeneres to a very important question. She asked Khaled who "they" are because he continuously talks about "they" in his Snapchats and Instagram videos.

Khaled warned her to stay away from "them" and defined "they" as the people that don't believe in you and the people that don't want you to succeed.

Khaled said they didn't want him on the Ellen Show but he is there. DeGeneres says he is about positivity which is relatable to everything she promotes on her show.

Khaled says that he has always been told no and rose above it all. He believes in his path and vision and knows that there is sunshine on the other side. Khaled said that it took him 25 years of blood, sweat and tears for him to get to the point where he could be featured on shows like the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He says that it's all about never surrendering, never giving up and making it through the storm.

DeGeneres says he says so much that it's good that he has Snapchat as an outlet. He had a chance to meet with the CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel and says that they laughed for about 30 minutes straight.

Khaled gave his health tips and dropped a ton of inspirational quotes as always. You can check out all of the fun he had with Ellen DeGeneres in the video below.

Watch DJ Khaled Entertain Ellen DeGeneres and Her Audience

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