'Too Close To Home' Season 2 Episode 1: The Mysterious Man

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Tonight was the first episode for Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home season 2 on TLC.

This episode begins where the previous season ended -- in the middle of gunfire. The sisters are being shot at, but everyone manages to take cover.

Anna, Shelby, and Bonnie are all alright, and JB, and the mother are okay as well. We're also introduced to a set of new characters: Nelson, Regina, and Octavia.

Back in Washington, DC, the President is recovering from his heart attack. It seems that his doctor was giving him some drugs (Viagra-types), and the President may have overdosed on them.

At Brody's house, Valerie and Dax argue about their situation. Dax believes that Valerie is hiding something, which is causing her to act angrily. Dax surreptitiously receives a call from the President's wife.

It seems that she and Dax were involved in harming the President, and now she wants Dax to return to DC. She also sends Dax pictures of Victor cheating on him -- with a Senator. Then she says that they need to move on to "plan B."

Dax calls another guy in the immigration office, and says he needs some people deported. The guy at first refuses, but Dax blackmails him by threatening to have a talk with his wife.

After she calls Dax, the President's wife, Caitlin goes to see her husband. She accuses the doctor of causing the heart attack with the Viagra.

The doctor admits that he may be at fault, and then leaves the room. Then Caitlin slaps the President, and she threatens to blab to the press about the affair with Anna.

Caitlin tells the President that she got rid of Anna, which upsets him.

She also tells the President that she replaced his Viagra pills with stronger pills in an effort to kill him. At first, the President threatens to arrest Caitlin, but she blackmails him by threatening to reveal all of his secrets.

Back in the trailer park, everyone is outside after the shooting. Regina video chats with her husband and complains about being stuck in the trailer park.

The police arrive at the park, and question JB. Shelby and Bonnie explain to the police that JB had been trafficking drugs. Meanwhile, another new guy appears -- he was Shelby's ex-boyfriend -- and he gets angry for not getting any of the heroin.

We're introduced to a new character named Frankie when Regina picks a fight with her, claiming that Frankie is not who she says she is.

Meanwhile, Brody talks to Bonnie, who is angry because he seems to want Anna more. Bonnie says she won't continue to be with Brody, and leaves.

Anna tries to talk things out with Bonnie, but they don't get anywhere.

Anna is also vomiting and thinks she may be pregnant, so she secretly takes a pregnancy test. Anna then goes to Brody's house, and she and Brody reconcile and start making out.

Inside Brody's house, Dax and Victor are talking, and Victor's sister calls and says that their mom is being deported. Victor realizes that Dax was responsible, and Dax confronts Victor with photos of Victor's affair.

Dax then attacks Victor, but he's restrained by Valerie. Dax says that Victor and his dad will be deported as well.

The episode ends with a guy showing up with a phone call for Anna -- the same guy who was with Anna when she saw JB in Washington in Season 1.

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