'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: "Who's Dead," Season 3 Episode 9

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It's time to reveal who's under the sheet on ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder." The team will lose a member in "Who's Dead," the eighth episode of the three season.

Annalise gets an interesting tip on Renee Atwood. The new information causes even more of a strain on her tentative relationship with Nate.

Michaela's mother arrives much to her displeasure. Frank continues to try to get back in Annalise's good graces.

Midterm exams are starting for the Annalise's class. Her students have to convince her that Ted Bundy deserves to be saved. As she asks the class, Annalise recalls the events of the previous night with Frank. Bonnie was able to get the gun away from him.

Annalise announces that everyone's passed and she's brought champagne for them to celebrate. She tells Wes that Frank is gone but he's not very accepting of that answer.

Laurel is concerned that Frank might do something because he knows she's with Wes. While leaving the salon, her hair dresser, Ro, reveals that Atwood has been coming around asking after her.

Annalise confronts Nate about Atwood. She wants to make sure he's not a part of the investigation. He's offended by the accusation and tells her to get out of his life. She starts drinking again. Michaela's mom has come looking for a place to stay. Wes's insecurities cause issues in his and Laurel's fledgling relationship.

His lawyer calls him down to the police station. Atwood is behind the call. Nate wants to make sure that Atwood isn't really using him to get to Annalise.

While she denies it, he still breaks up with her. At home, Annalise is getting rid of all her case files on the Mahoney's and Rebecca.

She also destroys her laptop. Annalise storms out of her house, leaving the door open., heading to Bonnie's.

Laurel is looking Wes. Connor reveals that he lied to Oliver about being high that night after Sam died. Michaela is trying to kick her mother out when Connor and Laurel brust in. Bonnie asks Annalise what she thinks the DA knows as she tries to sober her up.

Connor has been contacting Thomas on HumpeR. Asher hides his phone in the cushions in an attempt to stop their meet up.

Rising tensions between Michaela and her mom make the other three evacuate the apartment. Annalise kisses Bonnie while she's trying to put her to bed. Wes is being questioned about Annalise's potential connection to Rebecca's murder.

Wes fires his lawyer when he pressures him to take the immunity deal. Nate tries to sneak in to see him but is caught by another officer. She confirms that there's an investigation out against Annalise. Bonnie is trying to talk Frank into taking the fall. Oliver is looking into Connor's statement.

She calls Laurel, Oliver, and Wes telling them to get to the house. Wes doesn't pick up, Oliver is at the office, Asher is too drunk, and Connor is busy screwing Thomas. Nate gets to the house before anyone else.

Annalise asks Oliver to hack the D.A.'s office. Laurel enters the house. A few minutes later the place blows.

Annalise arrives back at her house. Michaela gives her mother a plane ticket home. Oliver wipes the phone as Annalise is being checked into jail. Her one phone call goes to Bonnie.

She meets Oliver at the house. They go to the hospital. Bonnie accepts a call from Frank asking after Laurel. She tells him about the pregnancy.

Atwood calls Nate after she hears about him lurking outside of the investigator room. Down in the morgue...Nate arrives to check on the cause of death. The sheet is pulled back to reveal a half burnt Wes under the sheet.

Meggy and Laurel find out about Wes's death together. They comfort each other. Time goes back, after getting Annalise's call, Wes snuck out of the police station. Nate tells Annalise that Wes was dead before the fire.

"Who's Dead" brings "How to Get Away With Murder" to the long winter break. Fortunately, it's left enough to ponder over in it's absence.

The show will be back in the new year on Thursday's at 10pm. Rewatch the first half of the season here.

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