Girl Meets World May Be Back...But Will Sabrina Carpenter Be Onboard?

Although anticipated, the cancellation of Girl Meets World still shocked many fans.

And even though we wrote about the runup to the cancellation several times, it was still hard to believe. But it happened, and now fans can only hope that another network will swoop in and save the show.

But if it does get saved, will everyone be onboard? Some of the cast members have made it clear that they intend to stay, but Sabrina Carpenter has sent mixed signals.

Sabrina Carpenter Shares Her Thoughts

Sabrina recently shared her thoughts about the cancellation on the radio, according to M Magazine. Here is what she said:

I try to not live in the past too much, but there is such a sweet memory of going through puberty with these people. They've seen your best and worst days and you've learned so much from these people. I was there five days a week, from morning until night and you really get to know those people...

As we have written before, Sabrina appeared to be less concerned about the show ending than other cast members.

This isn't surprising, as she has several other projects in the works, and she has been on tour for her music career.

What Will Sabrina Carpenter Do?

Now that the show has a chance of being renewed, there is a whole new question -- who will remain onboard? Rowan Blanchard, the show's star, has been very emphatic about wanting to continue the show.

Several of the other cast members have shared similar sentiments. But Sabrina has not been as clear.

When the show's creator was asked about whether everyone would stay onboard, he said this (again, from M):

I believe everyone will be on board. But I have to say, there are practicalities to this. When something is canceled, that basically releases everyone to make their own decisions.

That is not too convincing...

It is important to remember that Boy Meets World had many situations in which major characters disappeared and reappeared. Cory's sister was played by two different girls, and she was totally absent from the show for a significant amount of time.

Mr. Turner also disappeared, as did Minkus, Harley, and many more characters. So it would be possible to continue the show without some of the cast.

So what will happen? We will have to wait and see. But we are hoping the show will continue as is.

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